Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The music continues.... conch shell playing at sunset

Sunset at Marineland
29th September - 19th October

Ray is tickled pink to try out Sharon's conch shell!  He is the first of us to get a sound out.
After 3 weeks at Marineland, (a few miles south of St. Augustine, Florida) we are heading back to Stuart, but not without some new skills and wonderful friends too.
Lots of beautiful sunsets and many opportunities to play conch!

Sharon shows us her technique.  

Duet of Ron & Sharon saluting the sunset.

Dan's next vaporizer.  Think anyone would notice in a meeting?

I knew that imitating the sound of racecars shifting into gear with my lips could someday come in handy.

A big sound comes out of that little girl.

Stan, what do you call that shell?

Trying to squeeze juice out of a shell!

Ken has obviously practiced!

My guy Ray.  He worked some good tones out of that shell.

Dan, Ron, Sharon, Juel, Stan, Dale, Ray and Marty
Thanks for the nice send-off you all!  
Ken & Laura being their happy selves.  Sorry we missed you!

Sharon & Ron, we'll see you in the Abacos!

 Sharon & Juel

Stan and Dan the Man

Who can resist that boy?
Save the beer!

We met so many nice folks at Marineland.  The hospitality of the marina, Dockmaster Chris, Eric & all, plus the beauty of the surroundings made it easy for us to turn our planned 3 day stay into 3 weeks.  Chris and other Ripple Effecters even entertained us with music!  More factors kept us from continuing north also...... our jib (that's the sail in front, Michelle! :)) started falling apart.  Temporarily fixed with rivets and sail tape! 

Marineland Marina is surrounded by parks and conservation areas.  It is also right across the street from the ocean and Florida's first attraction, Marineland oceanarium.  It's gone through many changes since 1938, mostly from Hurricane Charly.  I loved the historic pictures displayed. Ray went through his books and found one by the National Geographic that contained pictures of their dolphins from 1976.  They were so excited to receive the book from Ray.  It may end up in the historic section too.

Scenes from Marineland

Dan on a kayak tour with Ripple Effects.

Ray was a good paddler.

Dale, learning all about mangrove propagules.

The hammock forest was spectacular.  We rode our bikes on the path that looped around. I would have put a hammock up in the hammock except for the no see-ums. Ouch!

The beach was beautiful too......

My sweet family.  (No, Ray is not standing on anything!)

Dale saving lives of little fish caught high and dry when the tide went out.

 Thanks again, Teri & Oleg, for the outboard.  Ray & Dale have especially enjoyed using it.  

All kinds of fish live in this harbor.  It's fun just to watch the action of fish chasing fish and of dolphins playing.  Dale, Ray & Dan have caught flounder, red snapper, pompano, perch and another scary-looking ribbon fish (we threw that back!)

Photo opportunity at Marineland!

Dolphin at Marineland
Chris treated us to a ride on their boat which runs on veggie oil.  He took us to Matanzas Inlet which is on the other side of this fort, Fort Matanzas.  It was the satellite fort to help protect St. Augustine.

Flower Power!

Dan painted our wind generator so we could look happy and non-threatening. Is it working?

Missing all of you friends and family.  Let us know what you are up to!  Love, peace and flower power.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pinky strikes again

Thanks to John for the incredible 12 inch pink lure!  When I first saw the lure I thought, "that must be one of those lures designed to catch fisherman at the tackle store".  Boy was I wrong.  This lure provides meat as soon as you are in clean, clear water.  We just caught the last fish yesterday while sailing south from St. Augustine Fl, to Stuart Fl.  I saw a few fish jumping, let the lure out and in less than 2 minutes bam, zing!  Heavy fish with gorgeous meat, not sure what it is, shaped like a wahoo, white meat.  The vodka was used to tranquilize the fish and the fisherman.  We didn't eat the shark or the ribbon fish, they are still hunting out at sea.  
Reel men can fish with pink lures.