Thursday, March 12, 2015


'cause I'm happpy.....

like a room without a roof!!!!

We're so happy to have been in Isla Mujeres for the last 5 weeks! Sunny Ray docked at El Milagro Marina for 4 of those, enjoying those who work there & were staying there. Dale & Ray met new friends.....decidedly the girls Dale's age outnumbered any Ray's. Ray hung with the adults.

Kylee came over to help Dale make valentines. Ray supervised cookies.

Dale missed Kylee & Kyndall when they left and was happy to meet Afton & Brooke when they arrived from Minnesota also.

Ray & Dale amusing themselves by submerging Pearl, capsizing her, righting & bailing her out.

Good exercise & good skills to have. Yeah, they look crazy!!

Staying warm in sunny Mexico

Carnival started happening soon after our arrival.

Streets are abuzz with laughing & happiness
 Lots of dancing & fun

colorful music all day & night!!!

So fun to visit during this time of frivolity, now all is tranquillo.
Our anchorage for the last week.

Sunny Ray at El Milagro

Some of El Milagro's shell art/fountains on interior wall

The Where's Waldo of iguanas. I count 4, how many do you see? (There were dozens on the other side of the wall.)

Unlike my cousin Jan, I (Marty) will not be wearing iguanas on my head!

Miss you all! Marty