Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dales first night watch

Life at the docks in St. Thomas

High performance dishwashers.
Home school in your undies, after sleeping in and eating pancakes for breakfast.  "The kids got it easy".
  Richie's house off the starboard bow.
Sunny Ray sitting 2 inches higher in the water after the new "light load" policy was implemented.
Notice the very skinny boy on deck, very light.
Completely submerged night divers looking for sharks in warm deep clean water.

Big Al's visit

Going pro.
Marty and Dales birthday party.
Al's makes famous Bloody Mary's.  We were out of horseradish so we used wasabi instead... yeah baby!
Multi-talented biologist, bartender, scuba diver, poison fish slayer, barber, etc.

Poison fish, filled with Ciguatera toxin from it's prey, and very delicious.  I believe it's a King Mackerel and it was caught on the south side of St. John USVI in 100ft deep water while trolling under sail.  Al cleaned it for us into really pretty filet's, but he didn't get a chance to eat it because he was getting ready to fly home.  He and Ray missed the dose.  Ray, with his high performance body, regurgitated the fish, minutes after eating it, so he had no symptoms of the poison.  Marty, Dale and I, thought the fish was delicious and noticed nothing.  It had firm sweet white meat, and we grilled it on the BBQ.  Then we slowly started having symptoms.  Marty and Dale had severe joint pain, and other nerve related discomfort.  We all had bleeding gums and dark under our eyes.  I thought I was having a heart attack and was whisked away in a reascue boat, which picked us up while at anchor off St. John, to the emergency room.  I was having partial fainting spells and my heart would race like crazy, so fast you couldn't feel my pulse, it was more like a hum.  This would happen if I layed down and tried to go to sleep.  If I got up and walked around the symptoms would subside.  I ate the biggest portion of fish.  Crazy.  We are all better now with no lingering symptoms.  On with the cruise!

Breakfast with Richie and Kayden

Cookie monsters in St. Thomas