Sunday, November 10, 2013

While anchored in Ladder Bay at Saba Island we met a wonderful Norwegian family sailing aboard their boat Solignac, and a couple of fun Brits from the catamaran Sara Jane.  We had a dinner party and everyone had a really good time telling stories and sharing a few drinks.  Sunny Ray, Solignac and Sara Jane met up again in Port Zante at St. Kitts after a rough windward sail from Saba and more parties ensued.  A few days later all three boats met up again at a gorgeous well protected anchorage with smoother water than we had in the port.  So of course we did some waterskiing.  It's been a rare occasion here in the Caribbean to have skiable water.  This is a picture of our Norwegian friends Halvor and Unn.  Halvor is an expert waterskier.  He ripped it up skiing on Dales surfboard.  Unn learned how to wakeboard with Halvor at the helm.
Dale did the most skiing of the day.  She just didn't want to stop and never seemed to get tired.

Halvor showed us how it's done on the surfboard.

Halvor at the helm, Ida and Teo on the bow.  Ida and Teo had a great time playing with Ray and Dale.  A bunch of squealing blondies.
Sweet Unn
The other boat in this festive group was the catamaran Sara Jane.  The crew of Sara Jane, Race car driver Bruce and his friendly wife Sara.

I'll add more pics as soon as we get a better internet connection.  People are starting to wake up here at the docks in Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda and the wifi is slowing down as more and more cruisers get online.  Today we sail for the Dogs just to the west a bit.

These dolphins led us for about a half an hour, no fancy tricks this time, but they were very friendly swimming on their side to get a better look at us.  The larger ones enjoyed scratching their bellies on our bows.

All is well aboard the good ship Sunny Ray.  We've been touring the islands southeast of the Virgins.  This pod of dolphins greeted us as we approached St. Martin.