Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dream anchorage, Atwood Harbor

This is the most beautiful anchorage we've ever visited.  I guess it's no secret to the uber rich, because the only other yachts we saw here were mega yachts.  You know, with a heli pad and a paid crew of gorgeous people cleaning the decks.

I went hunting and came across a couple of lobsters, mmm yummy.  A little shark decided he wanted my kill and started following me home.  If he was big he may have convinced me to drop them.

Lobster rolls.  We are really spoiled now.

Little Harbor, Bahama's

Giant Mahi Mahi

This big boy put up an impressive fight.  It's a shame the gorgeous color fades in seconds when the fish begins to tire and die.  None of our pictures due this fish justice to show it's beauty while it was in the water.  Pavel, Martin and Lucas know what I'm talking about.  This fish provided us with 14 large zip lock bags of delicious meat.  Amazingly it has all been eaten... thanks to Ray.

Rum Cay

Water clarity was really amazing at Rum Cay.  Ray and Dale are becoming impressive divers.

Colonial era ruin on Rum Cay

Padawan's in training

In a remote anchorage called Little Harbor.  No other cruising boats showed up during our 4 day stay.

Grandparents visit in Nassau

My wonderful parents came to visit us while we were in Nassau.  We went for a day sail, visited the zoo, played on the beach, ate fresh seafood, and had a wonderful time catching up.  Marty has been wanting to see flamingo's in the wild, but so far we've only seen them at the zoo.

Ace sailor Ray at anchorage in Chub Cay

Fast sailing

This is what new sails can provide.  Fast sailing.  Video was taken while crossing the Bahama's bank from Bimini to Chub Cay.  It's just so weird sailing fast in 20ft deep water with no land in sight, well no land on the horizon, we could see the bottom the whole time.  Like flying at 20ft altitude.

Sailing into Nassau among the cruise ships

Chub Cay to Nassau

Nassau, Bahama's.  The busiest cruise ship harbor in the world.  Spots for 7 ships at a time.

Bimini to Chub Cay

Ray sailing in the anchorage at Chub Cay.  He's becoming an ace sailor for sure.


In Bimini there is an interesting building that an artist has decorated with whatever he has found washed up on the beach.

Stuart Florida to Bimini, Bahama's

We left Stuart and headed down the ICW to Hillsborough inlet where we sailed out and made a straight line to Bimini.  All the guides say not to do that due to the 2.2knot opposing current from the Gulf Stream.  The wind was at our backs so to hell with the guides we let Mother Nature guide us.  Going where the wind is blowing regardless of the currents and suggestions in guides have worked very well for us.  It was an overnight sail with reasonable waves and wind.  The weather changed dramatically after we arrived.  Check out this picture a waterspout taken from the beach in Bimini.  Scary.

St. Augustine to Stuart Florida

We needed to head back to Stuart Florida to get a new suit of sails for Sunny Ray. Our 20 year old sails were falling apart, so we contacted Mack Sails in Stuart Florida for replacements and the addition of a wicked fast downwind sail called a Code Zero.