Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fun in the Turks and Caicos.  Revisiting good friends.
 Beautiful Venice the amazing Haitian chef.  She owns a cute little restaurant at the marina. Her husband Paul is a Marine Police officer and his station is right next to the restaurant.  In fact the marine patrol boat is docked just steps away.  Venice cooks incredibly delicious food and serves it with a smile. Ray, Dale and I love the fried pork and plantains.
 Sprucing up the restaurant.

 Dale and Evanson eating fried pork and plantains.  Evanson got a bit of paint on himself while helping to paint the resaurant.
 The mysterious shark sub.  Paul has been fixing it up for the owner.

 Good friends we will miss until the next visit.
Paul, Venice and Evanson with the crazy crew of Sunny Ray in Paul and Venice's front yard
Taking a break from painting.

.Sunny Ray tied up to the dock in front of the marine police station and marina office.
Cruising downwind with our favorite sail combo, the "Spin jib" rig.  With this sail combo our main is lowered and furled to the boom.  The main halyard is fastened to the end of the boom providing a backstay to help stabilize the mast in case we get hit with strong winds before we have time to roll up the code zero spinnaker.  Makes for an incredibly smooth ride surfing down waves with the auto pilot rarely moving the steering wheel.  It's downwind all the way from the Virgins to Florida a wonderful trip if you ever get the chance.

My niece Jillian and her boyfriend Caleb came to visit us at Lake Worth Florida.  We had a great time cruising the ICW and offshore fishing.

Jillian really loves fish.
Gorgeous bull Dorado, AKA Mahi Mahi.

Olivia with her new tube set.  She finally holds air. 

Dale and Ray sailing Pearl in the ICW, near Cape Canaveral, FL.

Manatee's in Titusville Florida 

Dolphins North of the Berry Islands, Bahamas.