Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tikal, Guatemala

Trek to Tikal, Guatemala

Marty, Dan, Dale & Ray gleeful at ascending Temple IV

No human sacrifices for us, maybe just a few pieces of skin.
Who knew that just under those heaps/mountains of vegetation were so  many temples?

Yes, Dale is growing!!

                          Some of my most favorite people!!

So very happy that our day at Tikal was cloudy.... blisters but no burns.

Huge Ceiba tree!

In a galaxy far, far away...

My shmoozers

The road passes by El Remate, Guatemala, where the bus dropped us off. We got to try our first Guatemalan beer "Gallo" (rooster).  

Dale & I noticed there were about 3 roosters to every chicken!
(no fair!)

Horses by the road in El Remate right on Lake Peten. (It's way more picturesque than this.)

Ray, giving me the password at Los Amigos Hostel where we stayed our second night.
 The cobblestone streets of Flores, a lovely island in Lake Peten.

We all felt pretty homey.

Dale found baby kittens and a little boy to play with. She would have been happy to stay longer.

The vegetation indoors made us feel so relaxed & oxygenated.

The bus thankfully dropped us off right here to our marina after our 5 hour ride. (It left at 5AM - that meant no coffee til 6:30 at the border! You're lucky to not have heard the whining!)

 Dale & Ray enjoying the swing in the saltwater swimming area at the marina outside of Belize City. 

Dale did not really land on this guy!

We so enjoyed Nick & Diana's visit. Four days was not near long enough! 

Miss you all. Hope to see you in the Rio Dulce, Isla Mujeres, Texas, Alaska, Arizona or New Mexico sometime within the next couple of months! 
Marty & the crew of Sunny Ray

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